Storage Trailer Rentals and Sales

Boxma Trailer Rentals has a fleet of over 50, well maintained dry van storage trailers in lengths of 26" to 53", with roll up or barn doors. We provide certified and licensed trailers for rental, storage, transport and for sale.

Rental periods can vary from daily to yearly, with monthly being the most common. Our trailers our rented for many uses such as merchandise overstock, additional warehouse space, construction & equipment storage and for moving. We even rent them to place signage on for advertising - the possibilities are endless!

Moving? Why not do it yourself? We’ll drop off a trailer, you fill it at your leisure, then we’ll move it or store it.

Trailers are more secure and weather proof than other portable storage solutions. They are easily moved around town and never require permits! Everyday, trailers protect, move and store merchandise all around the globe, why not put them to work for you!

Shunting and Transport

We provide shunting and local transport of trailers, even if they belong to you, and we can usually accommodate you on short notice! We are also licensed to move your trailer should its annual certification be expired!


We offer some storage trailers for sale. Please contact us to inquire what is available.